All our services are purely ADVISORY in nature and are provided on ‘Fee only’ basis

Code of conduct
We are fully committed to comply with the Code of Conduct, as laid down under the SEBI’s relevant rules from time to time.

All our clients are subject to SEBI’s “Know Your Clients” compliance.


  1. Any financial plan is prepared on the basis of information provided by client, towards the goals as set by the client. The results will depend on such assumption as well as execution of our recommendations. If the information you have provided is incorrect/incomplete, the plan’s outcome will be impacted.
  2. Assumptions made by us in good faith may impact in a negative or a positive way. Please review all assumptions at your end.
  3. While we try our best to be as reasonably accurate as possible, we cannot assure you regarding the financial outcome of your investments. This is due to dynamic nature of our economic and tax environment. The actual situation may not be same, depending on the various factors from time to time. There is no warranty on accuracy & we do not accept any liability for any error, omission or any loss in this regard.
  4. Taxation aspects are subject to change as per Govt. policies in force from time to time.
  5. Client is at freedom to discuss/consult with other relevant professionals like Lawyer and Chartered Accountant.
  6. Final Financial Plan should be reviewed regularly, at least once in a year, and updated with the progress, current status and changes in future requirements.
  7. Past performance does not guarantee about future outcome.
  8. Our advice or recommendations are not insured in any manner.
  9. We reserve the right to amend the offerings, terms & conditions and other details without prior intimation.
  10. Please insist for a written Letter of Engagement issued.


  1. We use a standard process to develop client’s Financial Plan. This would be including financial forecasting methods like Present Value, Future Value, Net Present Value, Constant and Increasing Annuity calculations. Life insurance Planning can be based on “Needs based” or “Human Value” approach, as may be agreed to by the client.
  2. Our Mutual Funds recommendations would be customised to the client’s needs, based on various parameters like their long term performance, risk and return trade off, reputation of the AMC, etc..
  3. All our reports, plans, etc. we reserve the Intellectual Property rights.
  4. We use a proprietary model for preparing Financial Plans. We do not share soft copy of these internal workings. However, any technical doubt of clientis resolved to their satisfaction.
  5. Our team members might have their various personal investments in stocks andother financial/insurance products, some of which may be common as recommended in a Client’s financial plan.
  6. For automated email list & records management, we save your basic data like name, email, location, client type etc. on service provider’s (e.g. Mailchimp, sendgrid ,etc.) servers located outside India. This does not include any of your financial data.
  7. We do not claim to have expertise in every financial product available in the country.

Terms of use

m4moneyrespects the privacy of its clients / visitors to our website and providing information online. We are committed to protect the confidentiality. Any information provided to us will be restricted to M4money employees and agents, except if required by law.

Client Engagement form
Clients must insist for a written Engagement Letter. Pl. contact us for the Format