Welcome to

Welcome to M4MONEY

We provide financial planning and advisory services to individuals and families who demand an objective and unbiased advice.

We believe in the power of personal financial planning and the process of customised investment solutions.

Our aim is to help clients achieve their goals in a conflict free environment focused solely on their objectives, through research based planning and investment experience and a commitment to service.

We also believe in making financial decisions based on information and guidance that is clear, objective and personalized.

We are committed to doing our very best to thoroughly understand your unique needs and then recommend the best, lowest-cost strategies and solutions to enable you to reach your financial goals.

We look forward to joining you on your journey to financial independence.

Our Dream:

One day, every human being will live the life blissfully, free from all financial worries.

We want to help real people get a plan for their money, simply and affordably.

I am for Money ( ). My “Saptapadi” is:

  • I will save money from whatever I earn.
  • I will spend after saving and not vice versa.
  • I will have a contingency fund.
  • I will save taxes, do estate planning and make my Will. I will save for my retirement.
  • I will plan for my financial dreams and save for my goals.
  • I will invest to manage financial risks.